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Design interactive courses by dragging and dropping content and auto-generating questions. Publish them to your LMS or share them in live-sessions. 

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Drag & drop text, images and video from any content source and watch your course come to life. Structure the knowledge in bitesize chunks that will maximize employee engagement. 

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Select content from your pages, and get AI-based, fully editable questions to create exercises in 8 formats, from multiple-choice to sorting or categorizing. 

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Engage your audience in live sessions accessible with a QR code or a PIN. See the results in real-time and measure how effective your training is. 

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Multiple Question Types

We support multiple question types so you can find something for your every need - from live polling, over memorization, classification to comprehension exercises.

Personal Company Branding

We understand that you want to work with your personal brand identity so we give you the possibility to adjust logos, colors, fonts etc. to your needs.

Works on all devices

No matter if you want to work on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Smartest works on all devices without having to manipulate content or your course formats.

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