Smartest creates personal & playful learning experiences, supported by Microsoft

Smartest Learning joins Microsoft for Startups

Smartest Learning joins the Microsoft for Startups program to accelerate its growth and position itself as a next-generation digital learning solution. As millions of teachers and students already know, putting learning into practice is the best way to truly master a subject. Smartest combines computer vision with natural language processing to automatically turn study materials […]

Smartest Learning is featured at EdTest Estonia 2021

Smartest presents its learning platform to schools

This weekend we had the opportunity to present Smartest Learning at the first EdTest Estonia event 2021. The EdTest Estonia event aims to provide a space where educators and EdTech companies can come together and share their perspectives and experiences in order to enrich the teaching practices around the world.  During the event we presented […]

Smartest Learning Joins NVIDIA Inception

Smartest Learning has joined NVIDIA Inception, an acceleration program designed to nurture startups revolutionizing industries with advancements in AI and data sciences.

Smartest Learning is part of the InTent Impact Internship Programme

Switzerland Start-Up

We are proud to be among the ten startups selected for the InTent Impact Internship Programme, out of a pool of close to 100 applicants.  The InTent Impact Internship Programme helps passionate and motivated students and young graduates to kickstart a meaningful career in innovative and for-impact Swiss companies. All of the selected startups are […]