Digital integration in public education

Our co-founder Mehdi was recently a guest at the morning radio broadcast La Matinale from RTS – Radio Télévision Suisse. Together with the school principal Violaine Sabbah, and students from the Lycée Jean-Piaget in Neuchâtel, Mehdi talked about the role and integration of digital learning in public education. He highlights how important it is to simplify the adoption of digital technologies: “Many teachers would love to use digital learning in their classroom, but if it takes them 30 minutes to set up an activity that is done in 3 minutes, it’s not worth the effort”. He added: “Our goal at Smartest is to turn these 30 minutes preparation time into 30 seconds”.

The Lycée Jean-Piaget’s principal concluded: “Our young learners are immersed in a digital environment, the world evolves, our students too, it is really up to us as a school, to adapt.”

Listen to the interview about digital integration in public education on the RTS website (in French):

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Alina Fröhls, Marketing & Customer Success