Interview with our Computer Vision Intern Lucas Burget

Scrolling through our website you probably came across the words artificial intelligence, natural language processing and computer vision. But what is really behind these buzzwords? How about learning more about computer vision for instance, and how we use it on our own platform? Listen to this interview and hear what our Computer Vision Intern Lucas had to say about it.

Lucas explains how he trained our Smartest Learning software to extract information from the documents you upload. With the help of computer vision the software can then distinguish between the different components in your study documents. Be it a table, a paragraph or an image. 

Lucas also highlights how important it is to understand what the exercise creators expect from Smartest and how crucial data is to train our software. 

To find out more about Lucas’ internship about computer vision and what a cat has to do with artificial intelligence, listen to the whole interview below. 

Thank you to Lucas for sharing your work on computer vision! 

Do you have any questions? 

I will be happy to present Smartest to you via video call and show you how you can use Smartest for free during a pilot in your school. 

I look forward to hearing from you.

Alina Fröhls, Marketing & Customer Success