PolitTalk Digital Zurich – Algorithms in the Classroom

During the eZürich PolitTalk on 5 October our co-founder Steve participated in an interesting discussion about “algorithms in the classroom”. Moria Zürrer, Schulleitung/ Principal in Zurich, and Michael Anders, Director of education, City of Zurich, joined him in this discussion. The topic was the role of artificial intelligence in education and how AI can best support teachers and learners.

There had been a podcast prior to the event, where Steve explained how you can do magic with Smartest almost as well as Harry Potter. With the help of artificial intelligence Smartest lets you create interactive exercises by clicking on some magic buttons. And who wouldn’t want to learn grammar with Dumbledore and Harry Potter instead of boring textbook monologues?

In the same PolitTalk podcast, Moria Zürrer explains how algorithms are used in the classroom and what a relief they are for teachers. And Michael Anders talks about teaching aids that adapt their level of difficulty to the level of the individual students and that help decide which class a child is placed in. You can listen to all three podcast episodes here.

Besides exciting discussions at the eZürich PolitTalk, we also had the opportunity to present our Smartest learning platform. Visitors were able to do exercises made from a Harry Potter book and see Smartest in action.

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Alina Fröhls, Marketing & Customer Success