Smartest, a new learning app for the Lycée Jean-Piaget

The Lycée Jean-Piaget, a high school in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, is currently testing our AI-based learning tool Smartest with their two BYOD “Bring your own device” classes. Our co-founder and CCO Mehdi recently visited one of these classes where he presented some of our new features and received valuable feedback from students. Their suggestions and ideas will help us create an even better learning experience.

The Lycée Jean-Piaget newsletter “LJPresse” includes an article about this collaboration, and how they are using our learning tool Smartest. You can read the article here (page 6, in French) and find out what kind of interactive exercises you can create from your own study documents. 

“This application allows you to create exercises from a PDF or a photo which are then shared to students.”

Are you also interested in testing our AI-based learning app with your school? We can show you how: 

Do you have any questions? 

I will be happy to present Smartest to you via video call and show you how you can use Smartest for free during a pilot in your school. 

I look forward to hearing from you.

Alina Fröhls, Marketing & Customer Success