Smartest creates personal & playful learning experiences, supported by Microsoft

Smartest Learning joins the Microsoft for Startups program to accelerate its growth and position itself as a next-generation digital learning solution.

As millions of teachers and students already know, putting learning into practice is the best way to truly master a subject. Smartest combines computer vision with natural language processing to automatically turn study materials into interactive exercises. The EdTech solution allows users – typically learners and teachers – to create personalized and playful quizzes from their own study materials in just a few clicks, and track their progress effortlessly. With Smartest, the creation of engaging study material is reduced from hours – of manual, often tedious material preparation – to mere minutes, simplifying learners’ and teachers’ lives. 

Smartest Learning is currently focusing on the B2B market, offering its solution to schools in German, English, French and Spanish speaking countries. Smartest aspiration is to help schools turn their students into avid learners and get them to fulfil their full potential.

“Our goal is to leverage the advances in Artificial intelligence to help teachers and students focus on what truly matters: teaching and learning. Microsoft is already working with thousands of schools worldwide, and our cooperation will help us further improve our EdTech solution and access Microsoft’s expertise and network”, says Smartest Learning co-founder and CMO, Mehdi Cherif-Zahar.

The Microsoft Startup program is designed to help innovative, technology-driven startups move to the next stage by offering a customized set of offerings and technical resources. Smartest Learning will use the 120’000 USD Azure Cloud grant from Microsoft to train their NLP and Computer vision models. Through the Swiss Mentoring program Smartest Learning will be able to connect with important stakeholders at Microsoft to receive technical expertise and access to customer and partner networks. Smartest will also profit from Microsoft’s co-selling program. 

“Educational equity is a critical part of our work at Microsoft, and we are happy to support Smartest Learning and their mission to further digitize education through AI” says Andrew Reid, Head of Microsoft for Startups Switzerland. 

About Smartest Learning

Smartest Learning is an EdTech startup established in 2019 and headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. At Smartest, we believe learning should have no limits other than interest. We use machine learning to automatically create personalized exercises and provide intuitive and customizable tools to enable self-determined, explorative, and playful learning. For more information visit our website

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Smartest Learning
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I will be happy to present Smartest to you via video call and show you how you can use Smartest for free during a pilot in your school. 

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Alina Fröhls, Marketing & Customer Success