Smartest provides the Lemania School with a new superpower

The Lemania School in Lausanne and Smartest Learning have collaborated to create an interactive version of the Swiss Maturity training exercises. With these personal and playful quizzes the Lemania School candidates can practice and rehearse in an entertaining way.

With the help of Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing Smartest created close to 250 interactive exercises for the Lemania students. The quizzes were created in five different subjects: history, geography, physics, chemistry and biology. All exercises can be solved in different modes like ticking boxes, labelling diagrams, reordering series or filling out gap texts. This variety makes the learning process more lively and fun.

“The experience is amazing. It is not just a matter of putting crosses in boxes. The care taken with the interface makes the questions exciting, and makes you eager to answer them” says the director of the Lemania group, David Claivaz.

We are happy to equip the Lemania School with our AI-powered innovation, so that they can make even better use of school time and help their students be ready for their exams.

All the best to all Lemania School candidates in passing their Maturity exams, we are crossing our fingers for you! 

David Claivaz, the CEO of the Lemania Swiss Group of Schools, has written an article about our Smartest learning platform on the Lemania website as well: “The Lemania School is getting a new superpower from artificial intelligence.” Check out their article here.

Are you a school and also interested to receive personalized exercises from us? Book a demo and we show you what options we offer for your classroom.

Do you have any questions? 

I will be happy to present Smartest to you via video call and show you how you can use Smartest for free during a pilot in your school. 

I look forward to hearing from you.

Alina Fröhls, Marketing & Customer Success