How to do an exercise

Let’s see in this tutorial how to do an exercise and the different modes of exercise you can do with Smartest.

Where to find your exercises

You can start doing an exercise from three different places: 

  1. All my exercises: An overview of all the exercises you have ever created
  2. Exercises library: If you are part of an institution that has access to a dedicated exercise library, you can access it from there
  3. My assignments: All exercises that you either assigned to a group or that have been assigned to you. If you are a student and you got an exercise assigned to you by a teacher, this is where you can find it.

You can also access the last three exercises that you studied in the section My recent exercises.

Smartest How to do an exercise

Different exercise modes

Once you find an exercise, you can click on it and select “Do”. 

Smartest offers you 6 different practice modes that you can choose from (note: not every mode will be available with each exercise type). Let’s have a look at each of the practice modes: 

  1. Origin: This shows the content of your original source document that you uploaded. This is not an interactive exercise but you can read over the information so you are prepared to study. 
  2. Learn: You can see the questions from your source document and the answers are covered. You can learn the answers if you want to.  
  3. Type the answer: You see the question and you have to type the answer. This format will tell you if you wrote the right answer and even tells you if you made some spelling mistakes.
  4. Multiple Choice: Choose the correct answer from a few answer options. 
  5. Drag & Drop: See all possible answers and drag & drop the correct answer to the fitting question.  
  6. Find: This exercise format only appears when you do a hotzone exercise. You will see a word and will need to find the correct place on the chart. 

After you finish a practice mode you will get an overview of your results. If you want to continue learning you can go back to the same exercise and choose the same mode again or another learning mode so that you can vary your practice.

We hope that this tutorial gave you a good understanding on how to do an exercise. Do you have more questions? Check out our other tutorials. 

In case you need more help or want to report a bug, send us an email to support@smartest.io. You can also reach us over our social media channels: