How to create a “Grammar” exercise

Smartest offers you different templates so you can find the perfect one for your study materials. Let’s see how to create a grammar exercise.

What is a grammar exercise?

A grammar exercise consists of questions that focus on grammar topics like verbs, adjectives, prepositions etc. It is particularly useful for all language related subjects like English or German. You have the opportunity to select between different grammar exercises like verb questions, determiner questions, adjective questions and preposition questions.

How to create a grammar exercise step by step:

1. Choose the "Grammar" template

Click on “Create new exercise” and then on the “Grammar” template

2. Upload a source

A window opens up where you can upload a source. Here you have four different options on how to upload your study materials: 

  • My sources: Upload an existing source
  • Upload source: Upload a new source from your computer 
  • Upload via QR code: Upload a new source via your smartphone. You can simply scan the QR code with your smartphone and then you can select a source from your phone or take a picture.
  • Free text: You can also upload text manually. Simply write or paste the text that you want to upload into the field.
Grammar - Upload

3. Text selection

  1. One page document: If you only uploaded a one page document and want to transform the whole text document into an exercise, you don’t have to do anything in this step. 
  2. Multiple page document: If you uploaded a document with multiple pages, you have to first select the page that you want to turn into an exercise.
  3. Certain paragraphs: You can also select a specific paragraph in your document with the text selection button and only turn that into an exercise.

4. Magic button

This is the fun part of the exercise creation. There are several magic buttons that by clicking on it automatically turn your text document into questions. Let me explain you the different magic buttons: 

  • Suggest Mixed Grammar Questions: By clicking this magic button you will get different questions with different grammar topics like verbs and adjectives tossed together. 
  • Suggest Verb Questions: By clicking on this button you get questions that focus only on verbs. 
  • Suggest Determiner Questions: By clicking on this button you get questions that focus only on determiners. 
  • Suggest Adjective Questions: By clicking on this button you get questions that focus only on adjectives. 
  • Suggest Preposition Questions: By clicking on this button you get questions that focus only on prepositions.
Grammar - Magic button

5. Edit your exercise

After your source document has been turned into an interactive exercise, you may want to edit your exercise. Let me explain you all the possible editing options: 

  • Add row: You can add more rows to your exercise manually to generate more questions and answers. You will have to fill out new rows manually.
  • Hide selected word: If you want a certain word to be the answer, you can hide it and then it automatically creates a few answer options for this word.
Grammar - Edit

6. Name your exercise

This one is quite obvious, but don’t forget to name your exercise so you can find it again at a later point.

7. Add instructions

If your exercise needs instructions, you can add your instructions here. Tell everyone who will be doing this exercise on what they should focus and what the purpose of this exercise is.

8. Preview your exercise

Once you are happy with your exercise, click on the preview button to see how it looks. The preview opens in a new window so you can still make changes in the editing mode.

9. Save your exercise

Don’t forget to save your exercise once you are happy about it. When you click “save” you will automatically come to your “All my exercises” page where you can start studying. 

And this is how you can create a grammar exercise in under 10 steps! We hope that this tutorial will help you to create your grammar exercises. 👍

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