The Smartest interface explained

Welcome to Smartest! This tutorial quickly explains our Smartest interface so you can start using it instantly.

The main page of Smartest has 6 menu options: 

  1. Create new exercise 
  2. All my exercises 
  3. Exercises library 
  4. My assignments 
  5. My sources
  6. My groups
Smartest Learning interface

Let’s go through each of the menu options. 

Create new exercise

All my exercises

All my exercises” gives you an overview of all the exercises you ever created. There you can select the exercise that you want to do, but you can also edit exercises, assign them to a group or see your results.

Exercises library

If you have exercises categorized in certain topics or subjects you can find them in your “Exercise library“. This is useful when you are for example a bigger school with different classes and subjects and you want to have a clear overview of all your exercises.

My assignments

Under “My assignments” you can find all exercises that you either assigned to a group or that have been assigned to you. Here you can also see the due date of each assignment as well as the results of each group that you assigned the exercises to.

My sources

My sources” saves all the sources that you once uploaded to create exercises so that you can always access them at a later time and create new exercises from it.

My groups

And we have “My groups” where you have an overview of your groups. Here you can see which groups you are part of, can see the other group members and also the group administrators. You also get an overview of the exercises that have been assigned in each group.

We hope this short tutorial was helpful to explain you our Smartest interface.

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